Lena Paul in Flirting in French

Lena Paul in Flirting in French 8

Lena Paul fucks her French professor after waiting all semester. 

Lena Paul is ready for some wild and crazy fun during her Spring Break in this free video gallery from Baeb.com.  She confesses that she has been teasing and flirting with her French professor, eager to get him alone and do some wild and nasty stuff with him.  If you were in his shoes, would you be able to resist her charms if she walked into your home wearing a little top that barely contains her boobs or those tight button up shorts?  Even if you could hold out, would you still have your resolve once you see her shake and jiggle those lovely tits of hers?

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Lena’s professor certainly couldn’t hold out and starts kissing her passionately as his hands explore those plump tits and the rest of her amazing body. He makes quick work of her shorts and panties, kissing her ass and licking her pussy from behind to get her even more wet than she already is. Her professor leans back on the couch and Lena treats him to an amazing titty fuck session before showing off what a good little cock sucker she is.

The professor decides he wants to taste her and bring her to the edge of orgasm before fucking Lena. He licks her pussy until she can’t take anymore and then slides his thick cock into her, having his way with her in various positions on the couch. Lena decides she wants to control the action by sitting on his cock in an awesome cowgirl position that gives us an amazing view of her pussy getting stretched by her teacher. Enjoy the view and be sure to visit Baeb.com to get instant access to this and all of their other amazing exclusive hardcore videos!

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