Lena Paul in CU4 Anal

Lena Paul in CU4 Anal 6

Lena Paul is a seriously sexy piece of work, and she isn’t afraid to do anal. Her and her partner have some undeniable chemistry and it shows in this video. The two passionately kiss before stripping each other down and fucking like animals. When Lena Paul does anal the whole world stops to watch. This breath taking goddess has a massive set of tits and a thick body that just screams grab me.


It doesn’t take long for her partner to man handle her to the bed and bury his face in that perfect ass. She looks back with lust in her eyes while he rubs her pussy and eats it for all he’s worth. Lena Paul responds to him the only way she knows how in this situation, with a first class blow job. Wrapping her wet lips around his massive cock before he throws her down on the bed and fucks her tight little pussy into extacy. She takes the cock like a champ but it isn’t enough for this curvy little slut Lena Paul wants anal, she wants more and he’s prepared to deliver..

Lena Paul Anal Pictures

Lena Paul gets thrown to the bed and he shoves his thick cock into her tight asshole. It doesn’t take long before he’s pounding away and stretching her out in ways she never knew possible. This doesn’t slow her down one bit though, This horny little bitch is up for anything, and is more than happy to oblige to her kinky lovers requests.. If you love anal videos make sure to check out Anal Porn Videos

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